This Santa Claus Knows American Sign Language

It may be a tough year for a lot of people, but that doesn't mean that Santa isn't coming to town! One town called Falcon, Colorado is making it possible for little kids to tell Santa their wishes themselves, even if it may not be what Father Christmas is used to. At the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, Santa has partnered up with the ASL program to learn the language and ask kids what they would like to find under their tree this holiday. 

Max Wilding, a friend of the big man and decorator of the Santa bus, gets excited every year for the joy of Christmas with these children. As a student there once himself, he knows how important this kind of kindness can be, especially in 2020. Wilding says that growing up, he never got to sit on Santa's lap. 

“Their eyes just glow,” he said of the experience of seeing the kids meet Santa, “We try to think of something best to be able to provide spirit to our children."

"When you go to different stores or centers there’s usually a hearing Santa, so of course for our students who are deaf and want to communicate there is not that communication,."

The Curbside Holiday Bus will make the rounds with their sign language-using Santa all throughout the state of Colorado. This includes hot spots like Pueblo, Denver, and Colorado Springs. Visitors will also receive hot cocoa, pictures, and the rare chance to say hello to Santa Claus with their first language, ASL.

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