This Polar Bear Livestream Will Help You Relax This Winter

Everyone gets stressed around the holidays. Well, everyone except these wild polar bears that is. A new live stream allows viewers to get up close and personal with some of the coolest polar bears around. After migrating around Canada for the winter, the bears and their cubs zen out in the coldest winter climates. Viewers who tune in might also catch glimpses of rare Arctic foxes, seasonal cold-climate birds, and the gorgeous natural light show of the aurora borealis.

The live stream is set up by two nonprofit organizations seeking to make the world a better place for animals: the conservation group Polar Bears International (PBI) and By placing a variety of cameras on the shores of Hudson Bay, the groups know that hundreds of the winter creatures will find their way there as they do every year. The bay is located near the town of Churchill, better known as the Polar Bear capital of the world. There, seals, foxes, and bears will prepare for a long winter ahead. 

The live stream is meant both for fun and as a warning for global wildlife conservation and climate change advocacy. 

"If we act swiftly and collectively to make a bold transition to renewable energy, and away from fossil fuels, we can preserve polar bears for future generations," says Krista Wright, Executive Director of PBI. Hopefully, seeing these cute bears up close will remind people to take action to protect the planet and all who inhabit it. 

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