This Man Gave Up Everything to Travel America With 10 Rescue Dogs

Lee Asher used to be the man with a strategic plan. The corporate trainer was once scheduling his days with retreats and speeches, but now spends his time planning feedings and walks. Three years ago he decided to dedicate his life to his beloved pets and others who couldn't find their forever home. He has collected 10 dogs in his travels, all of whom were deemed too much for other people to deal with. 

Their issues had a wide range. According to a Business Insider profile article, "Molly was terrified of men. Cali needed a friend. Butters was severely abused. Bo couldn't relax. Lillie had seizures. Stella was going to get euthanized. Tony was overweight. Queen was old and alone. Penny was petrified of everything, and Sammy had heartworm." He doesn't keep the dogs though, he just carries them through to the next journey of their life. 

The dogs live and sleep with Asher in his renovated bus on the road until they can find someone to take them. Once one goes out, a new one comes in. They make stops for walks and pee breaks, as well as adoption shows. If he's got a dog you want, he can stop in your town with his furry friends in tow. As Asher puts it, "I'm driving this bus filled with all these animals that never would have experienced this adventure without me...and I never would have experienced this adventure without them."

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