This Interior Designer Helps the Homeless With "1% Project"

Even non-profit organizations need some way to stay afloat and keep the lights on, so one Portland interior designer has found a method to give back in a subtle yet imperative way. In order to help fund non-profits that are targeted toward alleviating Oregon's homelessness epidemic, Jessica Helgerson adds a 1% line item on her invoices. The money from that line goes right to a homeless community, and other businesses are joining in her act of kindness. A little can go a long way.  

Despite one of the country's highest state tax burdens, Oregon also has one of the highest rates of homelessness. Jessica's 'One Percent Project' has already assisted in the livelihoods of many in the states, and only one person out of 25 clients thus far has opted out of the additional fee. 

"When you’re working with people who can afford an interior designer, that might not be a lot of money to them,” said Helgerson in an interview with Fast Company. "That has really fostered a lot of enthusiasm; people are excited they can be part of it."

After first debuting in 2019, the One Percent Project is now helping to fund nine different Oregon state organizations working towards alleviating homelessness. Among these ventures is a Salvation Army-esque store called Community Warehouse. Here, people escaping homelessness are able to shop at no cost on anything in the store. 

One Percent Project has been able to gift the organization a whopping $150,000, which was used to purchase a new delivery van. Giving back only take about 1% of your effort...

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