This Cookbook Will Feed You and Feed the Hungry

Cooking can be either great or draining, depending on how you feel about it. In chef Randy Motilall's debut cookbook, "The Gentleman's Guide to Cooking," he outlines stunning recipes to cook at home. The best part is that whether you're planning a quick lunch or an extravagant dinner, the proceeds are headed to a good home. For every book sold between April to October, Motilall will give one dollar to provide a child with 10 nutritious meals.

"[Cooking] has been a passion of mine from a very young age," said Motilall. "For a while now, I have been cooking for family and friends, and now with social media, I have been able to share my creations with everyone else."

The cookbook caters to an audience of people who might not have the most experience behind the stove, but understand a good meal when they see one!

If you're concerned about whether you'll be able to enjoy the meals depending on your diet, don't worry. The chef has edits you can make to each recipe in order to stay in line with certain dietary restrictions. Regardless of what you can eat, these meals will be able to fill you up. Eat well and know that your purchase is one that feeds a child for another day. What's better than that?

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