Teacher Saves Student's Grandmother During Zoom Class

A Michigan elementary school teacher has become a local hero overnight thanks to her quick thinking and sharp eyesight. While teaching a class remotely to her first-graders at Edgewood Elementary School Zoom, Julia Koch noticed one of her student's grandparents struggling with what looked like symptoms of a stroke.

"When she started speaking, I could tell that there was something wrong,” Koch told WOOD. “I wasn’t sure what was wrong, but there was something wrong."

Koch contacted the school administrators as well as 911. The grandmother is hospitalized but is also expected to survive. In fact, she's already up and walking again, and is very grateful to the school teacher for saving her life. 

"If it weren’t for them getting me the help I needed," she said, "I would’ve just not been here."

To spot a stroke, look for signs and symptoms that could come out of nowhere. These might include surprise numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or legs, a sudden confusion, noticeable trouble speaking or comprehending speech, sudden trouble with sight in one or both eyes, urgent trouble walking, dizziness, headache, or other sudden ailments. Be alert and stay on the lookout for these troubling signs.

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