Take This Time to Teach Your Kids How to Cook

Although the world seems like its collapsing around you, you are protected within your home. Since we can't go to restaurants right now (and takeout gets real expensive when you can't go to work), teaching your kids a thing or two about cooking and nutrition will set them up for a life of self-reliance...

With virtually every state under shelter in place ordinances, domestic activities have become the only things that people can do. Although engineering expert pillow forts and learning to select the perfect movie from Netflix are extremely useful life skills, they're not going to matter as much as the ability to cook. 

We're assuming that you're a mother (or father, all folks are welcome here) that has too much time on their hands, and at least one kid that's also trapped in this harsh reality with you. 

Since you're abiding by the proper government guidelines, you're probably not taking your child to the playground. So, what can you do to facilitate an environment for your child to burn off some steam? Turn the kitchen into a playground. 

We're not suggesting that you install monkey bars above the stovetop. But, we do think that starting this process by making your kitchen more kid-friendly is the best way to go. 

So, if you can squeeze it, childproof your counter and teach your kid how to cook. Start with something simple: making hummus, baking cupcakes, or designing a fruit plate. Introduce your kid slowly so they can decide if that's something of interest. 

Make sure you stress the importance of kitchen safety and nutrition. Explain what each piece of kitchen equipment does and allow your child to try them for themselves. Whether you know it or not, the kitchen can be a place for you to escape from the doldrums of life. Chopping, plating, sauteeing, and baking can be meditative activities for both you and your child. Being able to share something so intimate and important will bring you closer to your kid, and it might better prepare your child for adulthood. 

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