Take a Note From This Polite 2-Year-Old's Act of Kindness

Linda Meeker recently posted a video to TikTok of her sweet little boy Grey, who is only 2, saying "thank you, mama" every time she offers him a snack. If that doesn't melt your heart before even seeing the clip, then you'd be right. 

The video got over 14 million views, though it's no surprise considering how adorable this little man is. "I definitely taught him. I think it's very important to be consistent and repetitive," Meeker said. "It's the norm for him." She said Grey likely picked it up from watching his parents,  who routinely thank each other for gestures. 

Linda joined TikTok back in February to just post fun and cute videos of her son and their daily life, but she never imagined they'd go viral. According to her, "When he's not busy being a viral sensation, Grey loves firetrucks, putting on sunscreen, eating olives and paying a visit to the wild goose who lives in his neighborhood."

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