Statistics Show: People Love Their Pets Even More During Quarantine

Adopting a pet is like introducing a new family member to your household. In coronavirus times, this has been extremely important for the mental health of those who are stuck inside.

If you didn't feel particularly close to your pet prior to the coronavirus lockdown, chances are you feel a lot closer to them now. Statistics have shown that pet owners have been building significantly stronger bonds with their pets in this downtime.

But, as states and districts begin to re-open their economies and send people back to work, this means that people will be leaving their beloved pets at home and being away for long periods of time. 

People believe that going back to work will have negative impacts on both their and their pet's wellbeing. 

In fact, the Banfield Pet Hospital in Portland, Oregon has been able to record some alarming statistics that back up the claims that both pets and pet owners have been healthier since the lockdown began. 

According to a survey that was released yesterday (05/26/2020), the Banfield Pet Hospital has been able to show that 84% of pet owners have become more conscious of their pet's health, and 67% of pet owners surveyed plan to change how they care for their pets. This survey hosted 1,000 individuals and was conducted over a four-day period. 

Although this survey does not directly tell us that humans are benefitting more from being around pets, past research has overwhelmingly suggested that human beings generally live happier, healthier lives when they are compassionate towards another creature. 

As a society, we should be thankful that pets have opened doorways of compassion and empathy for those who did not exercise those feelings prior. 

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