Software CEO Walks 12 Miles Every Day Picking Up Trash

Billy Adams is not just a software executive, he's also a local trashman! The ritual he created for himself during the pandemic was beneficial to his health and psyche. The best part? He was giving back to the local beauty of Washington D. C. He's been taking a  12-mile hike every single day, along the way collecting any trash that might cross his path. He gets an empty bag from a Starbucks at the half-way mark to toss the trash into!

"When you see it beforehand, then you walk by it after and it’s all clean, that’s a good feeling," said Adams.

He leaves his house every day at 8:30 AM to make his route. When he stops at Starbucks for his daily coffee, he always leaves a generous tip. He even brings along friends and family sometimes for the experience. 

"Billy is somebody who likes to do the right thing," said his sister, Caroline. "If he sees trash on the ground, he can’t just walk past it."

"Since D.C. is in his blood, I think it’s even more important to my brother that he lend a hand to beautifying the city," Caroline continued. According to her, their great-great-great-grandfather was Jacob Karr, who owned the watch store that Abraham Lincoln frequented. They've had D.C. in their blood since birth!

And now, it's a little bit better thanks to Billy.

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