Singapore Vertical Farm Produces 1.5 Ton of Greens Daily

German firm &ever has created an indoor vertical farm in Singapore that will change the way clean greens are produced and sold. The farms are said to be able to generate 1.5 tons of produce every single day, making clean eating more affordable and easier to access. More importantly, food security in Singapore will surely benefit from the new facility as well as additional ongoing research regarding vertical farming. Chief Executive Officer at &ever, Henner Schwarz,  says the plants also taste better and fresher.

According to Schwarz, Singapore is “not the easiest market for indoor vertical farming." Due to issues with electricity and engineering overseas. However, &ever has been given the chance to speed up production thanks to a grant awarded by the Singapore government after coronavirus affected their food supply.  Hopefully, the price is more agreeable than the current food sources.

"We think that we’re pricing our products similar to existing premium organic produce that you can find on the Singapore market today," said Schwartz. 

"The price point for indoor vertical farming products in many markets in the world, for example in the U.S., is very expensive," said Schwartz, "Our system is really geared towards making a meaningful contribution and we have taken quite some time to get things right, and to have the most energy-efficient solution on the market."

For now, the new wave of the food supply is a great step forward not only for Singapore and Germany but for the rest of the world as well. Who knows what could be accomplished with a little skyscraping farming?

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