Scientifically Speaking: Acts of Kindness Makes Your Life Better

It has literally just been proven that kindness makes people feel better and ultimately healthier. Please take this to heart. 

As it turns out, random acts of kindness might not be that random after all. 

Research conducted by the University of California San Diego has all but confirmed that acts of kindness make people feel better about themselves and healthier in general. Kindness is how humans have survived as a species. Internally, it is instinctual for humans to help one another. 

As strange as it is to study kindness as an objective notion, scientists have devised a system to survey people and determine what their true intentions are and what makes them happy. 

Research has overwhelmingly shown that people value kindness more than ignorance. 

"We prize kindness over any other value. When psychologists lumped values into ten categories and asked people what was more important, benevolence or kindness, comes out on top, beating hedonism, having an exciting life, creativity, ambition, tradition, security, obedience, seeking social justice and seeking power," states University of London psychologist Anat Bardi, who has spent her career studying human value systems. 

No matter what country Bardi studied, kindness was always the #1 value that people wanted to stress about themselves. 

Scandinavian countries value benevolence more than anywhere else on Earth, which mirrors the fact that they are statistically the happiest countries in the world. 

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