Publix Supermarket is Giving Back in a Big Way

Florida needs more help than ever. Right now, Publix is taking the initiative to make sure the inhabitants of Florida are safe. 

Publix has begun to take the initiative to help those who have been affected most by the recent mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis in Florida.

Publix is a supermarket chain that spans through the costal south-eastern states in America. The chain starts in South Carolina and doesn't stop until it hits Miami. 

This supermarket is famous for its enormous, delightful chicken tender subs, affordable local produce, and its diverse audience. Both the lowest income and highest income individuals shop at Publix.

To thank their communities for their unwavering support, Publix is offering some unwavering support of their own. 

Right now, there is a surplus of produce, dairy, dry goods, and meat just waiting to be transferred from farm to store. 

Grocery stores aren't purchasing normal amounts of goods because of the COVID-19 crisis. Since most grocery stores weren't actually built on the idea of supporting their communities, as opposed to strictly being a high profiting business, Publix is setting the example for what stores should be doing. 

So far, Publix has purchased and donated more than 5 million pounds of produce and 350,000 gallons of milk from its farmers. All of these donations are going to the Florida branch of the Feeding America project, which has established over 20,000 food banks nationwide since the lockdown. 

This initiative both benefits their communities and the local farmers that have been disproportionately affected by coronavirus. 

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