New York City Recreates Waste Site into Green Oasis

It's not easy being green, especially when being green comes as a result of recreating the world's largest landfill. New York State has finally facilitated a transition from a waste dump to outdoor space after several decades of clean-up. The space is now a park that spans triple the size of Central Park. It was no simple task, but the landfill fumes were actually repurposed to power homes with methane gases. Staten Island is glad to be rid of the trash.

The location is now just months away from opening it's green doors to the public. Promised to be a park in 2011 by then-mayor Mike Bloomberg during a dip in the polls, the park will be beloved by the most densely populated city in the country. To do so, trucks shipped in iron-rich soil from New Jersey. This soil covered plastic that covered the trash heaps. They even brought in goats due to their ecological restoration history. 

The new park will feature all the best parts of playing outdoors, such as a baseball diamond, handball courts, and a variety of playgrounds. There are also natural waterways and creeks, several trails for walking or biking, and chances for outdoor recreation. The park will open in phases, and phase one with open the northern area of the park. This area covers 21 acres, but the remaining phases will open for another decade and a half. 

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