New Jersey Residents Are Caring For Over 800 Rescued Turtles

Underground storm drains in New Jersey once were flooded with hundreds of diamondback terrapin hatchlings. These baby turtles have since been rescued thanks to local residents. The small terrapins often fall through the rainfall grates when trying to cross the street. Some were found still confined to their yolk sack, which means they were not yet born! It turned out to contain almost 826 little shelled babies! 

Of course, 826 baby turtles are an awful lot of animals to take care of, no matter how good their intentions may be. Every volunteer realized that taking care of these little guys would be easier said than done. After some deliberation, organizers agreed to donate the turtles to a better home...Stockton University! The Galloway, NJ establishment will care for and rehabilitate the turtles as they age.

The turtles will not be in the college system forever. In about a year, they will be likely ready to get back out there. once they're cleared by professionals, these babies will be full-grown and ready for the wild waters. As of right now, 1108 other terrapins are being treated by the University, so they were happy to have the new animals. The turtles will be held in the Stockton Vivarium under care from John Rokita and his staff.

If you see a terrapin in the sewers, make sure they stay safe!

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