Neighbors Celebrate Seniors Who Won't Have Graduation Ceremonies

Much like how many residents are putting out signs of gratitude in their front yards for essential workers and medical staff, many aren't forgetting that now is also college and high school graduation season. This particulat act of kindness and congratulation is evident around Gales Ferry celebrating grads from Ledyard High School.

“I like the simplicity of the smaller sign with the heart shape and thought it might be a great way to spread a little symbolic love to the seniors of Ledyard High School,” Principal Amanda Fagan said. “I wanted the signs to serve as encouragement to stick together, to remain positive, and to celebrate their accomplishments to this point, knowing that we hadn’t forgotten about them.”

She had asked town councilor Tony Sabilia and owner of FastSigns in Waterford for some design ideas and then they got the whole congratulatory campaign ready to go within a week. With the help of her family and community members, every graduating senior was given a sign for their front yard in a matter of days. Fagan did worry about potential hurt feelings of students whose signs weren't delivered on the first day, but she said the response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive.

“There had been so much discussion online about everything the seniors were missing this spring, and this was one of the first positive actions that spoke to the heart of what the community was feeling and aimed directly at lifting up the Class of 2020 during this difficult time,” said Meredith Diette, whose son Simon is graduating. “Simon was excited to see the signs pop up on the Ledyard side of town as pictures leaked onto social media, and he was thrilled when we found one in our lawn.”

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