Nebraska Family Creates Wishing Tree For Dreamers

In times of crisis, wishes will still come true, thanks to one family in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kerri and Nate Denell, joined by their four children, created a wishing tree for neighbors in their front yard around a large oak. To create the wishing tree, they wrapped a red rope around the base, twirling it and securing it so the wishes would not fly out of place. They also placed hand sanitizer at the bottom next to some ribbons and marking pens.

Kerri placed a sign on the tree saying: "MAKE A WISH. EVERYONE IS WELCOME." Slowly but surely, people began to take notice, and wishes started to appear. Some people hoped for big presents, like a monster truck or a swimming pool. Others preferred a more aspirational approach, wishing for a good life and healing for those who might be suffering. It seems everyone had a wish in their hearts. 

The kids of the family were ecstatic to see their project come to life. Erazim, 10, Reese, 8, and 5-year-old twins Sadie and Elizabeth, all waited by windows to see who would be the next one up to write their wish. The family was inspired to create the wishing tree when they read a book by Katherine Applegate titled "The Wishtree." The idea seemed obvious. 

"All of us were completely engrossed in it and got through it really quickly. We loved it," remarked Kerri. 

She said that the story taught her children a lot about saving the planet and being kind to people with lives different than your own. These kids weren't just wishing for a better future, they also want to learn how to do it. 

"It's all about the spirit of community to bring people together," continued Kerri, "especially during challenging times."

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