Nature Nonprofit Offering Virtual Hikes

The nonprofit based in Santa Barbara County usually offers outdoor adventure trips for elementary school students, but this year they've had to stop due to COVID-19. 

"When the schools shut down, they didn't have the feasibility to come out on the field trips anymore," Jennifer Morrell, the program director for NatureTrack, said. ""So we went out and started doing some of our hikes just videoing them and doing virtual hikes."

Listed on their website, NatureTrack currently offers virtual trips to Arroyo Burro Beach, Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden, and Nojoqui Falls.


"They can click on that virtual trip and they'll see a virtual hike where they're actually going on the trail getting some orientation of where that is and what you might see there, and then there's some sequential videos," Morrell said.

Along with virtual hike videos, students are also able to access interactive activities and other reading materials to stay educated on the natural world even if they can't go out and be a part of it. School closures have been in place since March, meaning much of the nice weather was a missed opportunity to attend the usual field trips, but thankfully NatureTrack has them covered online.

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