Mother Nature Speaks Her Ming During Minnesota Wedding

With all the difficulties that 2020 has presented, one of the major roadblocks was for couples trying to tie the knot this year. COVID-19 has changed many a plan, including people's wedding days. 

In Massachusetts, one couple opted for a socially-distanced and downsized wedding, but of course, mother nature had to have the last laugh in this one, too.

Aaron Sawitsky and Denice McClure were exchanging their vows in an outdoor ceremony when the groom made a joke at the many foibles of 2020, saying "Let's face it, 2020 has not been the best year."

Just a second after he finished that line, a large bolt of lightning came cracking down behind the couple. After the lightning, a massive boom of thunder echoed around them. 

This once-in-a-lifetime moment was captured on camera and Aaron later shared it to his Instagram account. 

“Turn on the sound for this one. Mother nature has one wry sense of humor,” he wrote the next day. “Thankfully no one got electrocuted and we finished our vows before the rain started!” 

Luckily, the ceremony was able to continue on. Thankfully, the couple still had their special day, albeit two months after their originally planned date. Nonetheless, wishing many happy, healthy (and less 2020-like) years ahead for the newlyweds!

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