Miranda Lambert Fundraises to Help with Vet Bills During Pandemic

Miranda Lambert is here to help out dog lovers and cat lovers alike with her newest fundraising campaign. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the "Bluebird" singer has joined the Waggle Foundation to create something called the MuttNation Fund. This fund will cover the vet funds of music industry employees who might have been put out of work with the closing of public events such as concerts. 

Lambert got the idea when her friend's dog, Earl, got sick during the pandemic. The dog's owner was Lambert's own backup singer and close friend, Gwen Sebastian.  Things weren't looking so good for Earl, who had contracted a rare medical condition. He was found to have a strange liver disorder which came with a lifetime of hospital visits, medical treatments, and expensive medications and surgeries. 

"Because music and mutts are my two passions, I knew I had to do something and thought that starting this fund would help both the music community that’s been so supportive of me and their pets," said Lambert. Any musician or music employee is welcome to apply for the assistance as long as they own either a dog or a cat with a medical condition. Lambert is starting off donations but hopes that other well-off animal lovers will support the cause as well. 

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