Mariah Carey Joins Daughter For TikTok to Encourage Voting

She's not just a singer, Mariah Carey is now a Tik Tok star! The celebrity joined her 9-year-old daughter, Monroe, in a dance video to encourage young users on the app to get out this election season and go vote. The duo was filmed dancing to her recent single "Save the Day" featuring Lauryn Hill. The two of them also are wearing "Your Voice Matters" and "Vote Vote Vote" shirts in the short clip. 

Mariah captioned the video "#SaveTheDay #VOTE #GirlPower Choreography/Interpretive Dance by Monroe C. a.k.a. "Roe Roe Diva" 👯‍♂️ to assure fans that the brains behind the choreography were her very own daughter. Monroe even lip-synched hitting the high note of the song by copying her mom's signature move, waving her hand in the air with a finger pressed to her ear. The video is only 15 seconds long, but it's a lot of fun jammed in!

The clip ends with Monroe receiving a surprise hug from behind, the duo laughing and giggling. The star has appeared in videos with her child before, like when the #highnotechallenge took off a few months ago. In another hilarious video, Monroe lip-synched hitting her mother's impressive high note, before the camera revealed it was Mariah singing the note all along. These two have some serious star quality!

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