Man Finds Moose Swimming in His Backyard Pool

Back in May, Canadian man Paul Koch went to his kitchen to make his breakfast when he noticed that he had a new visitor in his backyard. There, lounging in his pool, was an uninvited female moose! She was laying in the deep end, body wrapped entirely in the solar cover typically atop the water. She wasn't relaxing, she was stuck, and needed help getting out!

"I looked out in the backyard and there’s this moose absolutely panicked and struggling," Paul Koch recalled from the fateful day. "She stepped on the solar blanket and put her foot through it and got all tangled up and she was desperately trying to get free." Clearly this was going to take some serious work if this gigantic beast was going to get free anytime soon.

Koch, who has noticed more adventurous wildlife in recent months, rushed outside to help. He pulled the solar cover off of the moose, but the animal surprisingly continued paddling around the pool, showing off her skills as an accomplished swimmer. This isn't so shocking (except to Paul) as moose are actually very good swimmers, just usually farther from city limits. 

After some meandering around and swimming through the pool, the moose finally found her footing and gracefully climbed right out. Paul was safe inside watching, as moose are known to be especially violent. The police told Paul that after she had escaped the backyard, she eventually found her way back to the dense Canadian wilderness. 

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