Louisiana Pet Food Banks Are Starting to Offer Coronavirus Aid

Rescue Alliance is helping Louisianna families get their pet supplies through a food truck initiative. 67% of US households have pets, which accounts for roughly $259 spent on dog food and $228 spent on cat food per year. In light of many recent job layoffs and business closures, it might be difficult for those families to care for their pets. In order to lend a hand, pet rescue organizations are stepping up and donating food and supplies to pet owners who need the extra help.

Louisiana's Rescue Alliance set up a drive-thru Pet Food Pantry Bank earlier this week at a Raising Cane's restaurant in Prairieville. The afternoon-long event donated 4,500 pounds of dog food and 3,000 pounds of cat food to owners in need, and more than 2,000 vehicles stopped by the drive-thru according to event coordinator Jonathan Henriques.

“We started doing our Community Pet Food Bank Pickup Locations in Prairieville, Louisiana on April 11, 2020, and as long as the COVID-19 crisis is going on in Louisiana. After that we will convert back over to our regular application pet food bank operations," Henriques said.

The food bank drive-thru iniative follows all social distancing procedures in order to keep staff and patrons safe. All goods are carried directly to the customer's trunk and then they're sent on their way. The supplies in demand are not limited to pet food. Customers can get access to things like cat litter if there is enough in stock. Thankfully the Rescue Alliance has been supported with grants and donations from Alley Cat Allies and Even Tractor Supply Company. 

“We are running a Pet Food Bank because families shouldn't have to choose whether or not they can provide for their pet. More and more often, animals are included in family events and become important to all members of the family,” Henriques concluded. Furry friends everywhere are grateful for people like him!

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