Local Teenager Assists Struggling Animal Shelters Amid Coronavirus

Maddie Schmelzer knew that she always carried a lot of compassion for animals ever since she was a child. So, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, she put 110% of her efforts into making sure that the rescues at her local shelter didn't go unloved. 

Virtually every business in America has been struggling due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, small non-profit organizations have been getting hit harder than most others. Animal shelters have specifically been on the receiving end of the devastating results of Covid-19. 

Some communities are lucky enough to have people like Maddie Schmelzer to make sure that the animals stay fed and sheltered. 

Schmelzer started her own donation effort when her high school in Montgomery. New Jersey shut down and there was nothing for her to do around the house. She began emailing friends, businesses, parents, and faculty members from her school to try and collect both monetary and physical donations to bring to the Associated Humane Societies Newark Shelter, and the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter. 

Schmelzer said in her own words:  "I feel like I am leading the community to success, by making a difference for these shelters. These times are challenging for all, but I realized there are others who have it more difficult than myself, and I want to do everything I can to help them! Rather than feeling lazy and useless sitting at home bored, I feel like I found my true purpose, from a passion I’ve always had: animals."

If you feel inclined to assist her in her fight to assist the animals in these shelters, you can donate to her Venmo account @CV-19-AnimalShelterFundraiser. 

Or, if you have a physical donation to give up, contact her directly at [email protected]. From here, she will either come to pick up the supplies from you or give you an address to ship your donations to. 

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