Local Girl Scouts Promote Random Acts of Kindness

Carmel Valley Girl Scouts came together to make a presentation emphasizing the importance of kindness during a pandemic. Each girl held a letter in the word "Kindness" and then shared their unique experiences involving random acts of kindness during the last couple months.

One girl, Kira, talked about how kids can help out a little extra around the house to make things easier on their parents as they adjut to a routine change. 

“Another small act you can do is to just let your parents relax a little even when you need something, because they are doing a lot for us, with homeschooling and work, so they may need some extra sleep,” Kira said.

Several other girls wrote about how kindness doesnt need to be a big gesture. It can be a small thing to put a smile on someone's face at least once a day or do something charitable for someone else.

“Kindness is precious, especially during this bitter time of no school. Treasure the kindness you receive, and send it out to all you see, like a ripple in a pond, every action counts,” wrote Girl Scout Anita. “Kindness is everywhere, from the painted stones at the sidewalk to the heartwarming messages and gifts from my dear friends, they all are the sunshine that keeps me smiling and brave.”

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