Local Church Donates 'Stay Healthy Kits' to Community Members

This church missed their patrons so much, they wanted to show them just how much they were loved by making sure they had the tools to be able to congregate again when the time comes. 

Church communities were hit particularly hard by the coronavirus outbreak. some of the individuals that are members of tight-knit church groups don't have family members, sometimes they don't even have any friends outside of the church as well. A lot of these individuals are older, confined to their homes, and are at risk of dying if they are to contract coronavirus themselves. 

That's why several members of the Mission World Society Church of God put their heads together to construct numerous "stay healthy" kits to distribute to the members of the church. 


“Since we’re not able to gather like before, we haven’t seen many of our friends and family in the community, so we decided to do something nice for them to not feel as alone,” states Alejandra Garcia, the volunteer service coordinator from the Mission World Society Church of God. 

Every kit contains masks, sanitizer, alcohol spray, soap, and disinfectant wipes, and fun little toys to make sure that everyone has something to do while they're locked up in their homes. 

All of the individuals who made the "stay healthy" kits were furloughed from their jobs, and the church is offering them a flat daily wage for contributing to the cause. 

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