Little Girl's Pandemic Rant Goes Viral

No one is enjoying the pandemic lockdown less than Blake McLennan, a Phoenix, Arizona native who has been stuck living with her parents. The 4-year-old ranted on a video back in March about how much she hated the new restrictions that were in place. She was very angry about the closing of her favorite activities and restaurants. 

"So we talked to the kids tonight about what’s happening in the world," said Blake's dad, Ben McLennan, "#BlakeHaven had quite the reaction! Watch to the end. It ends on a positive note." The father shared the video of his annoyed daughter on his Facebook page, and it wasn't long until the video took off, going viral overnight. 

She has a lot of complaints, but they're all very reasonable "Everything in this world has shut all the way down...The ice cream truck is shut down! We can't go anywhere! Not even McDonald's, which is my favorite restaurant," she cried to her parents. Her father reminded her that drive-thru McDonald's was still open, but that wasn't enough to stop the tears. 

"It's really frustrating! If you go through the drive-thru, that's boring," said a distraught Blake, "If you were inside playing on the playground, it wouldn't be boring." Her father said that her biggest frustration was the cancelation of her dance class. For now Blake, the best choice is to stay home and stay safe!

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