Little Girl's Adorable Letter Got Her Parent's Their Dream Home

This adorable 10-year-old just earned her stay in her parent's new house thanks to this heartwarming letter she wrote to their realtor, despite higher offers being pitched. Bec Touzel moved to New South Wales in Australia with her husband about a year ago. Together, the couple opted to rent in the area as they looked for a more permanent home. After having ten offers rejected from ten homes, the family was not hopeful that they would find their dream home. That is until their daughter stepped in.

"Dear mum and dad," wrote their little girl, "this is your money now for the house and other things if you want. Don't take them back, they are yours now." She included all of her savings in the note, which totaled about $11.75. Bec was moved by her daughter's kindness and hoped the home agent would be as well. She sent the note to the owner with a note attached that read "$11.75 is worth a lot when you're 10."

Her plan worked!

The family finally got to move into a more permanent home. When asked about what made their offer appeal to the agent, it was the letter.

"They said they had two daughters themselves and remembered searching for their first home," wrote Bec on her Facebook page. 

The family has now been living in their new digs for a full month and are incredibly pleased to have gotten the home of their dreams, all thanks to one little girl with $11.75 to spare. 

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