Little Girl Celebrates Quarantine Birthday With A Parade of Puppies

Elizabeth Guthrie, 3, was not excited that she had to spend her big birthday locked inside her house. Her parents weren't too happy about it either, so they decided to set up something special for little Elizabeth. The little girl stood behind her mailbox next to the driveway of her family’s home and waited for her big present, and she was certainly not disappointed. After a few moments, the street flooded with the neighborhood dogs in tutus, bows, and party hats to celebrate her birthday. 

The owners of the animals socially distanced themselves from the other neighbors and from the birthday girl. They waved, barked, and sang to her as she smiled. Elizabeth was even wearing a red shirt with a picture of a dog sewn on the side. It would truly be one of the most memorable birthdays she'd ever have. The parents put out flyers and invitations asking for local dog owners to get involved, and the community was happy to help. 

Horsepen Creek Road was all abuzz with the new faces. "The gist of [the invitation] was, ‘Hey, if you’re going for a walk with your dog anyway, would you mind just walking by our place between 5 and 5:30 and wish her a happy birthday with your pup?’" It was the people who came who decided to add a little fun and flair to her birthday party, as well as a little fur. 

Altogether there were 17 dogs, 41 celebrators, and one very happy birthday girl. There were balloons, signs, strollers, a Golden Retriever riding in a Volkswagon, and a lot of laughs to be shared. The Gutherie family could not have been more excited with how the day went, but are looking forward to a real celebration once they can return to life as normal. 

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