Little Boy Hosts Backyard Prom For His Babysitter

Thanks to coronavirus, big events all across the country have been getting canceled. Everything from weddings, college graduations, and of course, high school proms. What should be huge life milestones are being put on hold or canceled entirely. One high school senior didn't have to worry though, because her after-school job planned the perfect prom night in his own backyard. 

Rachel Chapman was a usual babysitter for Curtis Rogers, an elementary school boy whose mother works in the afternoon. She's been watching after him for a while, so Curtis wanted to show her his gratitude by making her canceled prom dreams come true. Rachel wore the dress she had planned to sport for the big day, and Curtis' mother got him a matching tie and suit. 

The fun didn't stop at the outfits though. Curtis picked out a special dinner menu for his date and himself and decorated their backyard table with a tablecloth, flowers, ornate centerpieces, and more. This would certainly become a night to remember! The duo feasted on Chik-Fil-A takeout meals and poured their soda into some wine glasses for added maturity. 

"It was really sweet. It was really thoughtful," recalled Chapman. Both parties remained six feet apart during the festivities but still enjoyed eating, laughing and dancing with one another. Prom night turned out a little differently for Rachel, but still amazing.

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