If Your Pet Is Acting Strangely In Quarantine, Here's Why...

Pets don't react much differently to major change than humans do. While some people might love working from home, some might be in desperate need for the structure of their 9 to 5. While some people might feel totally at ease during all this free time, others might be anxious for something to do. Pets are the same way. Some might be thrilled to have their owner's home all the time, and others might be stressed trying to deal with a new lack of privacy. 

“Just like some humans love working at home and others can’t function without structure, and some people are binge eating and others aren’t — it’s exactly the same for pets,” said Marjie Alonso, executive director of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. “Some are chill, some are stressed. We have to remember that they’re individuals.”

It's not unusual for pets to want space when surrounded by humans more often than they're used to. One woman said her cats have taken to vomiting and scratching because her five-year-old son wants them to be his playmates since he can't see his friends. She had to explain to him that the cats are individuals with their own lives and can't cuddle or play on demand. When they feel on edge, they hide upstairs until her son goes to bed and then they come down and snuggle with her and her husband.

You can help your pet cope by giving them activities to do that don't necessarily involve your participation. Stimulating games with treats and making them extra cozy spots in their favorite places in your home is also a good way to make them feel loved while giving them the space they may need.

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