How To Save Family Recipes For Future Generations

Recipes are a delicious way to link the past, present, and future of a family. However, many people don't have much of a system for keeping these long-held secrets organized. Some people have a box full of index cards with scribbled down instructions. Others keep a handy little notebook, overflowing with notes. Some even use an app on an iPhone. Just like other family heirlooms though, it's necessary to preserve these gifts for those who will one day want to read them. 

When making a family recipe organization system, opt for making all your recipes follow the same basic format. This can include the name of the recipe, the list of ingredients, cooking instructions, helpful tips or changes to the recipe, and maybe even a familial anecdote. Depending on how many recipes you have, it can take a few days to a few weeks to get your creative cabinet in order. You can either opt for a binder to cleanly keep your recipes, or maybe even keep everything digital. 

Another popular option is collecting all the recipes you've collected over the years into a family cookbook. These can be as cheap as $30 to print and bind, and you will be able to ensure that this book would stand the test of time. No matter which way you choose though, saving cooking instructions can be a great way to connect generations of hungry relatives. After all, the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach!

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