Hottest Holiday Gifts of 2022 That Are Almost Sold Out!

#3. Bril - Protect Yourself From the Germs Living on Your Toothbrush

Ew! Did you know that your toothbrush is COVERED in nasty (and potentially dangerous) bacteria? Yup – your brush is like a magnet for the millions of germs that float around your bathroom (especially when you flush). You’re putting them in your mouth whenever you brush.. unless you have Bril! This new invention acts as a carrying case and toothbrush holder, but it comes equipped with a safe, yet powerful UV light that automatically sterilizes your toothbrush after every use. It’s a must-have for anyone who is conscious about what they put in their body.

✅ Proven to kill 99.9% of germs – Bril kills germs on a molecular level by destroying their DNA with safe UV light

✅ Works on any brush – one size fits all!

✅ Easy to use – simply place your toothbrush in Bril and it’ll be sterilized by your next brush!

✅ Comes in multiple colors so you can easily tell whose Bril is whose

✅ Great for your whole body – Bril kills bacteria that can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and more

As seen on FOX, CBS, NBC, USA Today and more!

#4. Peeps - Keep Your Glasses Crystal Clear - No Cloth Required

Problem: Factually, most people are not cleaning their glasses correctly, thus impacting their vision and their quality of life.

Solution: Peeps Glass Cleaners

With just over 2 million units sold, this gadget can be used 500x to clean glasses, rapidly, safely for your own comfort. Instead of smearing – like cloths and sprays typically achieve – this technology uses invisible carbon formula that cleans effectively – 4 times more effectively infect – without any risks to the lenses.

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