Hilarious Warning Signs Of Cat's Bad Behavior Go Viral

Cat lovers are well aware of the trials and tribulations that come with bringing a feisty feline into your home. Though they're often thought of as more relaxed than canines, cats can certainly stir up their own trouble, exemplified by these hilarious signs that went viral for warning strangers about their pet's bad behavior. Some are just hungry and angry, while others are a little more mischievous. However, all are a little bit of a nightmare. One warned neighbors that her cat was not only totally safe but also dramatic. 

Another warned that pets are welcomed, but only in very specific spots. On the head is preferred and encouraged, but on the stomach is a death wish. Some others warned of cats escaping but pretending like they did not want to. Another said that the owner must double-check the fridge before closing it, as one kitten liked to crawl in the drawers. No matter which cat you get, they're almost guaranteed to have some weird quirk to watch out for!

A lot of the pictures reference being wary of cats in the window. One cat expert weighed in by saying that these cats might have a reason for their weird behavior. 

"They could be made fearful if passers-by do not treat them kindly," said Ingrid Johnson, certified cat behavior consultant, "but could be also made more friendly and outgoing if they have a lot of nice experience and are rewarded with food and affection."

No matter how your cat acts, rest assured that they are one of many freaky felines out there!

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