Healthcare Workers Trapped In Snow Offer Expiring Vaccines to Drivers

In times like these, the COVID-19 vaccine is especially rare for most people. Healthcare workers were transporting some of the precious medications when they were trapped in a horrible east coast snowstorm. Rather than let the vaccines expire in their car while locked in traffic, the group went car door to car door asking passengers if they'd like the vaccine. Many would have been happy to take it, but there were only six vials. 

Coming from the Josephine County Public Health Clinic, Director Michael Weber and 20 of his colleagues were making their way back to home base in Grants Pass, Oregon. The snowstorm stopped their plans (and their tires) in their tracks. Both of the currently available vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, must be stored in subzero conditions prior to usage. If they lose this temperature, they are unusable to people who might really need it. 

Weber and his team were happy to help both parties.

"We knew the vaccine would not make it back to Grants Pass," Weber said in an interview with The Washington Post. "In all likelihood, it was going to expire. I decided to start going door-to-door, car-to-car, offering the vaccine."

While a rather unorthodox experience, it's was very appreciated by the lucky six who received it. It took 45 minutes to potentially save six lives from a deadly virus. 

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