Healing the Environment Will Also Heal the Economy

All we have to do is re-invest in the Earth and our economy will stabilize and grow. This is how (in words that make sense).

Most natural restoration programs are centered around restoring large swaths of land that have been negatively impacted by the effects of climate change, fossil fuel mining, fracking, overfishing, commercial animal agriculture, and industrialization. 

Environmental groups in the UK have devised a way to tackle these problems and work outward, exponentially increasing the amount of jobs and profit with a little help from the WHO and federal spending. 

These efforts will recreate an estimated 25,000 jobs in the short term. 

These jobs will employ contractors, ground workers, environmental scientists, and supply chain organizers. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, all of these jobs will be pivotal in healing our communities, as well as the environment.

Most formal restoration projects will sustain long term growth and more than triple the land value of the places that have been restored. 

With these environmental changes will come more food security, housing, and healthy air for individuals that desperately need these amenities. 

By targeting the poorest and most underprivileged individuals to be the beneficiaries of this change, the morals of increased interest in natural integrity will be ingrained into society and will work outward from the ground up. 

By providing high paying jobs that benefit (they exist, and they are expanding) those who would otherwise work in industries that create massive amounts of carbon emissions and play into the equitable employment humanitarian crisis, our future will brighten immediately. That, and the economy will skyrocket with more money entering the system.

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