HBO Max's Newest Show "Doghouse" Matches Abandoned Pets With Owners

Strap in, grab the tissues, you're going for an emotional ride. 

If you ever wanted to watch a "dating show" for dogs, but like not a weird one, you should check out Doghouse. 

This new eight-episode HBO Max docuseries matches singles, couples, and families with the dogs of their dreams. Each individual dog seeker travels out to Wood Green, which is a dog rescue center in the middle of the beautiful English countryside, in an effort to match the dog to the person perfectly. 

This whole show is built around the "dating show" model, but we promise, it's not weird, they just flip the script to make it more wholesome. 

Each episode lasts about 47 minutes. They showcase three households per episode, all with varying needs and wants when it comes to finding the perfect fluffy friend. 

The ambassadors at Wood Green interview the pet-seeker, evaluate their needs based on what they say they want, and their home situation, and they try to pair the perfect pup. 

The individuals at Wood Green only source from shelters nearby. Once they figure out what kind of pup the person needs, they'll research the local database and create a list of potential candidates. 

Witnessing these individuals meet their fluffy life-partners in real-time is extraordinarily heartwarming, and you're gonna love witnessing love at first sight over and over. 

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