Glitch in the Matrix?

A father was videotaping his young child running with their dogs when he happened to capture something out of this world. At first, it seems like a pretty normal video. The child is running with his two dogs and having fun while the dad trails behind. 

All of a sudden, a ball pops out in front of the child. There's no way that the kid could have been dribbling it the entire way down the alley... It can barely walk! So, where did it come from? 

The baby even seemed surprised at the ball. Once it rolls into the wall, it catches the baby's attention and he goes to check it out. The dad seems just as surprised.

The more you watch it, the more confusing it gets. There are no other frames where the ball is visible. The dogs walk right into the path of where the ball should be. So, how did it get there?

Obviously, it's impossible for something to magically appear like that. But, what happened? Was it just really good editing? Or did this person end up capturing a real-life glitch in the matrix?

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Post originally appeared on Inside Mystery.