Five Simple Acts of Kindness That You Can Do Today

Making an impact doesn't have to be momentous. It doesn't have to be extreme. Start from the bottom and take it slow. Show the world you care little by little every day. 

Right this very second, you should stop reading this article and reach out to a friend or family member that you haven't spoken to in a while (but like, don't exit the tab, there's more beneficial information to come). 

Reaching out to people you love should be one of your top priorities. We are in the midst of a major civil rights movement, a global pandemic, a recession, and are in a dangerous political climate, some people feel completely hopeless. 

Make sure you're donating to the people that are disproportionately affected by these societal events. Donating to Black and Brown individuals and charities, as well as donating to organizations that assist those individuals in need, is an act of kindness that should feel like an obligation. 

Get involved and educate yourself. You can pack this in on a daily basis. Read articles about the plight of humanity, volunteer for a community cleanup, bring meals to the homeless, donate money to foundations that benefit individuals in need, talk to people that are in disadvantaged positions. 

Spread the word of compassion and empathy. Try and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to give back too. Please encourage them to give back as much as they can. 

Most importantly, be kind to yourself today. Take a second to meditate, go for a walk, clean your house, fold your clothes, give yourself a little treat. 

Please remember that no matter how poorly you're doing, someone else out there can use your help. However, it is important to put yourself first. You cannot help others unless you are good to yourself.

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