First Black Female Winemaker in Oregon Gives Back to Community

In Astoria, Oregon, one black female winemaker is giving back to her community in a huge way. Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein has been a painter, a musician, a filmmaker, and now a winemaker. The creative grew up watching her beer-loving grandfather brew his own. This inspired her to learn how to make her own alcohol of choice, wine. She says that by watching him and learning herself, she was able to perfect her craft and put a label on it.

"The one thing with wine is that it brings everyone together to the table, and you have great conversations,” said Eunice.

Eunice is excited to have some more serious conversations with her wine. That's why she donates 10% of her profits every month to a different cause in need. This month it was the "Pinot for Parkinson’s" proceeds that went towards the Brian Grant Foundation. In the summer months, she was supporting Black Lives Matter movements with her "I Can’t Breathe” pinot.

"Another organization that we're getting ready to work with handles African American girls who want to get into aviation," said Eunice, "and there's a mentoring program with that so that's the next one that we're getting ready to launch here for the holidays."

Though based in Oregon, the Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein Winery products are available to be shipped nationwide. She offers rosé, vegan red, blackberry, pinots, and many more. 

"I'm humbled, genuinely grateful to actually have the opportunity to [give back]," she said. "It's one of the greatest feelings I think I've ever felt."

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