A Little Kid Asked Kate Middleton If She Was A Prince

During her visit to Scotland earlier this week, Kate Middleton was quizzed by a group of kids about her status as a member of the royal family. Kate and her husband William stopped by the European Marine Energy Centre in Stromness to talk with a group of elementary school kids. One boy, age 3, asked Kate "Are you a prince?" 

Kate replied, "I'm not a Prince. I'm the Duchess of Cambridge. Lots of people call me Catherine."

One kid definitely knew who she was, as a little girl called out "She's a princess!"

This was a shocking revelation to the rest of the schoolchildren, but Kate reversed the question. She asked the little girl if she was also a princess, to which the child responded that she was. Kate then said, "Aww, you look like one in your beautiful pink coat."

Kate and the children were meeting up there to discuss climate change. The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is the world's only tidal test and accredited wave centre for marine renewable energy. During the meeting, they learned how the EMEC is currently working toward cleaner energy, green hydrogen production and distribution, and the world's largest tidal energy turbine.

These royals are leaders to both the world and the people in it. 

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