Family of Four Ditch Suburban Life For This Modern RV

Have you ever wanted to ditch the humdrum of everyday life and start over somewhere new? This family certainly did. About 3 years ago, Kris and Andy Murphy dropped their typical suburban life in favor of an RV that they completely renovated with a few special touches in mind. With two sons living in there with them, things can get pretty cramped in the camper, but they wouldn't change their setup for the world. 

"We knew traveling, at least for a short amount of time, sounded like a lot of fun," said Andy, "We had lived in Dublin for three months for a job I had, so we knew the short-term living with less stuff was actually fun. So we knew we could do that pretty easily, at least for three months."

Together the parents homeschool their children. Having formerly lived in Texas, now they spend their days driving throughout the USA.

The duo had initially agreed upon spending six months on the road, but very quickly they fell in love with the life. With their kids, they went from Texas, up to Maine, down the East Coast, and ended up in Florida. By the time the six months were up, there was still so much left to see. They agreed to continue on their traveling journey, updating their van as they continue, and see the world for what it is up close and personal. 


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