Facial Recognition is Being Used to Find Lost Pets

Finding Rover has just partnered with the City of Rochester, NY to use their facial recognition software in every animal shelter within the city limits.

At least a little good information is coming our way during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The City of Rochester and Rochester Animal Services has just partnered with an independent, NY based application called "Finding Rover."

Finding Rover is an application that uses facial recognition software to store your furry friend's likeness on a database. Once your animal's mug gets scanned and placed into the database, they can be identified by any single user of the app, even if they are in a place that's far away from where they were originally identified. 

Every single dog and cat that gets admitted to the Rochester Animal Services shelter system from now on will be scanned into the database. 

On top of having your fluffy buddy's identifiable picture on the database, you can also create a profile for your pet with special instructions and details about their personality, needs, medical conditions, and so on. 

This software will ideally help identify any animal that has run away from home and was accidentally placed into the shelter system. Unfortunately, this happens all too much. Hopefully, with the help of this software, animal shelters in America will see a decline in overcrowding

The deal that the City of Rochester struck with Finding Rover is going to last for one year. There are no fees for anyone who wants to use the application, and pet owners in the city are encouraged to make a profile. 

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