Dogs and Humans Love This Vermont Mountain Retreat

If you and your dog are looking for the trip of a lifetime, The Dog Mountain resort in St. Johnsbury, Vermont is the spot to see. The vacation location has been a getaway for both dog lovers and their pets for two decades. With features like swimming ponds, a puppy agility course, and a canine art gallery, this Stephen Huneck design is the perfect way to spend a weekend without any leashes. Most famously though, it has a chapel dedicated to the pets that have passed on. 

“It’s a traditional New England looking chapel," comments Pam McCann, the Dog Mountain general manager, "Where people can come, remember their dogs and celebrate the bonds they had between them and their pets after they pass. The chapel walls are full of remembrances, lovely notes, and photos of dogs that have passed, left by people from all over the world."

People enter the chapel and are awestruck by the appearance as well as the beautiful landscape surrounding it. 

Sitting on 150 acres of a private mountaintop and free to the public, this is a place that tests how much 'dog' a dog person can handle. "Dogs are free to run, play, swim, and (best of all) meet other dogs," says the retreat's home webpage. Dogs are not just welcome here, they are cherished."

The dog and owner space has become a Mecca for people who put their pets first. It is open year-round, even during COVID-19. Being here is like a walk in the (dog) park...

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