Did You Know There Are Secret Tunnels Beneath The Desert?

The Mojave National Preserve might seem like a large empty desert, but those who frequent the site know that there is more than meets the eye, and it's right under your nose. Once upon a time, an ancient lava river formed a collection of cave tunnels right below the preserve. Thanks to recreation managers, visitors can find a staircase that leads into the cramped, damp network. Walk for long enough and visitors can find an open chamber. 

Here, light shines through cracks and holes in the ceiling of the cave, lighting the way for travelers. The spot has become a popular destination for photographers and explorers alike. Hikers and recommended to bring a good pair of hiking shoes and lots of water. Plenty of backup resources, spare tires, and a car filled with gas and essentials. The national park system is the third biggest in the country, so planning is important!

According to the park rangers who run the desert preserve, there are always new paths to explore. An entire lifetime spent in the Mojave would still result in new discoveries and explorations daily. That shouldn't be shocking, since the desert is about 25,000 square miles of desert and sand. Though the road there is rocky, the view is great from both above and below the park!

Plan your post-pandemic visit to the beautiful park today. 

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