Dallas Cleaners Offer Free Services to Medical Workers

For sixteen years, "Dallas Maids" has been a thriving business in the city community. However, when the coronavirus hit, the cleaners knew that the customers would stop ordering their services. Greg Shepard, the owner of the establishment, knew that many of his workers wouldn't feel comfortable going into the client's homes, and vice versa. What would they do in this time of crisis?

As it turns out, they were right to assume that many people would cancel their services. However, those who kept their cleaners coming back offered higher pay and kindness during a difficult time. This kindness allowed the cleaners to offer their services for free to those who were working to help the relief efforts of COVID-19. 

“[Our customers have] shown that the worst of times brings out the best in people,” said Greg Shepard, “I want to pay this generosity forward by providing our local area first responders with free home cleanings [to ease] their stress.”

Known as the First Responders Fatigue Relief fund, the Dallas Maids provide no-charge cleaning services to those first responders working to end coronavirus. The fund allows the maids to receive payment for their work while also helping those who need it most. Customers can donate their regular cleanings to a worker in need of an extra hand around the house. Non-customers can also donate to the fund online. 

"[We’re grateful] for the work they are doing to keep us safe during the coronavirus pandemic," said Greg Shepard. "Thank you for your service and for giving us a chance to serve you!"

The service is available to paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital and medical staff, medical researchers, police officers, and firefighters, all of whom are risking their lives in this difficult time. 

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