Customer Leaves Entire Stimulus Check as Tip for Local Restaurant

Many small businesses are feeling the effects of COVID-19 shutdowns, and one local restaurant, Colonial Steakhouse, in Arkansas is one of them. 

Located in Pine Bluff, AR, Colonial has adapted to this sudden change by offering curbside pickup three days a week. A team of four employees prepares the food for takeout orders so the steakhouse can still generate some income for the time being. 

Last week, a Colonial regular left a $1,200 tip, their entire stimulus check amount, for their takeout order. The steakhouse staff was shocked at the generous act.

"We just started crying and thanking God because it came at a time that most of our staff really needed it," Colonial Steakhouse manager Allison Hall told KARK News.

Hall said that things were obviously tough for the restaurant right now, but that they were ready to open again when things improved. For Colonial, receiving such a generous gift from a regular was inspiring and gave them a little extra hope for the future.

Acts of kindness like this have been happening all over the world in light of the coronavirus, and through a tough time, people are coming to the aid of their favorite businesses in so many amazing ways. 

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