Customer Leaves $2,500 Tip For Servers Of Closed Down Restaurant

A restaurant in Ohio got quite a big surprise on Sunday, only a short while after the announcement that all bars and restaurants will be closed until otherwise notified amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A $29.75 tab, was uploaded to Coaches on Bethel's Twitter account Sunday night, but underneath the moderate receipt was something else... a $2,500 tip! Apparently, one of their well off customers has a big heart. 

The restaurant tweeted a photo of the tip with the caption: "When the going gets tough, the tough stay loyal." The shop noted that this "loyal, amazing patron" was hoping to relieve the losses of the servers during the closing of businesses in the state. Severs typically depend on tips from their restaurant in order to support themselves. The patron requested the tips be split equally among the staff.

For now, though, restaurant workers don't know who to thank. Benny Leonard, the owner of the establishment, said that the kindhearted customer who left the hefty $2,500 tip wished to remain anonymous. "We tried to get him credit," said Benny. However, he was steadfast in his desire to stay under wraps. He did say that the customer is well known to locals, visiting every Wednesday for trivia. 

The tip came only an hour after the Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that all of the state bars and restaurants were being limited to takeout and delivery. This was decreed in an effort to slow down the coronavirus spread.  "It's very drastic action," said DeWine, "but we're taking these steps to save lives."

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