Colleen Ballinger Reveals She’s Expecting Twins

Colleen Ballinger, better known online as Miranda Sings, is officially pregnant with twins! Ballinger, 34, posted an Instagram announcing the good news alongside her husband, Erik Stocklin, and their son Flynn Timothy, 2. They held up ultrasound images of the infants and captioned the photo with "I'M HAVING TWINS!!! AAAAH! So excited for TWO babies!!! (...also terrified my body is gonna explode)."

What could have been a tragedy turned out to be a miracle. Ballinger found out her status once she thought she had had a miscarriage. After some concerning complications on vacation, she was rushed to the doctor's office where she heard the good news. 

"May 5th, 2021 will go down in history books as one of the most intense, weird, emotional, incredible days of my life," the Youtube personality recalled. 

"We do an ultrasound and she goes, 'You're not having a miscarriage. You're having twins,'" Ballinger continued. She also explained online that her twins are 'DiDi' or 'dichorionic diamniotic'. This means that they will not know if they are fraternal or identical until the kids are born. She is due in December and is only two months along at this point.

Best of luck to this happy family that's getting a little bigger!

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