"Clean Up Purse" Designed for Pet Owners Who Want to Walk Their Dogs in Style

Taking your dog on a trip to the bathroom... but make it fashion.

For pet owners who don't want to sacrifice style while walking their dogs, this luxury brand's got you covered. Shaya creates elevated essentials for pets and humans. Thanks to their latest product, dog owners no longer have to carry around their poop bags out in the open.

The "Clean Up Purse" is an accessory that allows pet owners to keep bags of doggie doo-doo tucked out of sight.

"Now even the worst part of walking your dog can be done in true fashion," reads the product description.

The mini bag comes in a variety of colors—black, ruby, blush pink, cobalt, and a vegan option—so you can have one for every outfit. They can be attached to keys, a leash, or a carrier. Shaya offers a 30 percent discount on the purse when purchased with a leash and collar.

Shaya's pet carriers are offered in the same style as the Clean Up Purse, designed with "accident-proof" nylon as well as a zip pocket where you can store all of Fido's toys and treats.

At the bare minimum, the "Clean Up Purse" makes a very interesting White Elephant gift.

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.